Volunteer Opportunities

"I usually turn the channel when I see commercials about starving children. It makes me too sad. But something about what you are doing touched me and I want to help. I am only 16, but I think that I have to do something. I have to help these starving children." Emily A., Oklahoma

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Because we are a volunteer-driven organization, there are many ways to help. One way is to simply make a tax-deductible monetary contribution, and the other is to volunteer your time or resources. Some of our needs are great, some are much smaller or easier to fulfil, but every single one of them is needed for us to continue our fight against world hunger.

To meet the demands of current conditions (1 billion in our world are severely malnourished) we are looking to build a team of committed volunteers who can go out and harness as many resources as possible. If you are interested in any one of these positions or know of someone who might be, please contact Sherri Leal at (925) 400-7201 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • KAH Liaison: In this position, you will leverage your connections with schools, businesses, civic groups, etc. As a KAH Liaison you will serve as the contact person for your "group" to educate them on the mission of KAH and how easy it is to make a difference; coordinate a fundraiser (think about a penny drive or holiday collection) if appropriate, and schedule your group in a couple times/year to package. Or plan one large event that funds itself. This should take just a few hours of your time a month. Do you have a neighbour, friend, family member that attends a different church or works for a large company that you think would also like to be a Liaison?

  • Packaging Supervisor: In this position, you will help manage packaging events. When a group comes in to package, the packaging supervisors educates the group on KAH - possibly show the video (depending on the age of the group), demonstrates the steps and oversees the packaging session and the clean up (groups clean up after themselves).

  • Fund Raising: In this position, you will work with a team to help define and plan fundraising events. If you have experience or a passion for helping us to raise funds and community awareness for KAH we need you. You will also help to oversee the events.

  • Public Relations: Do you work for a radio or television station or have a local contact that you can get excited about KAH? We'll need the coverage to get the community involved.